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Vacuum Feeder HDPE Pipe

Min Order Quantity: 1 meter

Payment Terms: T/T or L/C

Delivery Time: about 25-30 days

Despriction: HDPE Under Full Vacuum Constrained Pipe Resistance to HDPE Under Full Vacuum Constrained Pipe Resistance to Collapse ubique345 (Mechanical) (OP) 20 Jan 17 18:55. Hello, I hope someone with experience can clear something up for me. I'm trying to size required DR for a water pipeline under full vacuum. The pipeline will be buried 3m, and I intend to achieve a soil reaction E' = 20003000 psi I don't know what a DR xx is. But you seem to be saying that the pipe will collapse in air, with nothing around it, and you are thinking thatIt is common practice to consider the pipe as constrained when buried, except when soils have very weak cohesion, or liquified, or when pipe is nea1Wow. Mike Halloran Pembroke Pines, FL, USANot finished yet. Problem is that is in the axial direction. The collapse mechanism in vacuum is first ovalization in the transverse direction,Quote ( ) Is it common practice to only consider the pipe under constrained conditions for buried pipelines? if the pipe is not buried, than nothActally if you cannot avoid vacuum, it is better to select a very conservative pipe wall adequate for full vacuum, rather than to count on any soilI am familiar with collapse of stainless steel tubing under external pressure, and the severe effect that even a little bit of ovalization has on tBigInch, Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, I did assume initial ovalality at install in the calculation. We were planning to used crushed rockLook at it this way: If you overdesign, you might get yelled at for the cost. If you underdesign, you won't be congratulated for the cost savinMike, Yes, I know its counter intuitive regarding the soil pressure. In regards to over designing: Yes, I agree with you and this is how I woul

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